Saturday, May 11, 2013

Getting Things in Order

Making another attempt to get my everything organized this weekend:

  • Starting to use Remember The Milk for my to-do list again. I was using this lovely service for a while before getting into OmniFocus back at Dundas... They've got a BB10 app (presumably just a repackage of their Android app) which is nice, but I'm not willing to pay $25 a year (yikes!) for "Pro". Maybe I'll find another to-do/task/GTD app for mobile that lets me sync with desktop or web...

  • Checking out You Need A Budget... it comes highly recommended, and I'd really like to automate our budget. Lynette handles it (I can't be trusted to remember to pay bills on time, d'oh), but spends way too much time/effort. I've never found a computery method that she liked though... None of the free budgeting tools let you enter a recurring paycheque every two weeks, which seems like a serious oversight.

  • Also trying out Zoundry's Raven for the first time. Seems to do a nice job of letting me write this blog post and get it posted.

Finally starting to get used to typing on the wacky Canadian Bi-Lingual keyboard on my new laptop; I'd still rather replace it with a standard US English keyboard, but Lenovo and IBM can't seem to figure out how to sell me one. Sure I could eBay a German one, but that would probably be even more of a challenge...

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