Monday, September 20, 2010

Cat's out of the bag: We're moving back to Waterloo so I can go work at RIM with my buddies Ian and @chezmax as a security developer.

Just tendered my resignation at Dundas; my last day will be October 1st.

A few months ago Lynette and I both had the same idea at almost the same time, that we should look at moving back to Waterloo as a sort of long-term goal. We both liked it there, we knew some folks who still lived there, and there's a fair bit of high-tech stuff going on in the area.

Literally the next day a recruiter from RIM contacted me about a Mac development job there. I mentioned this to my best man Ian (who is Director of Security Research and Response at RIM) and he suggested I apply for a job in his group.

The Mac folks weren't interested (totally understandable, my Mac development experience is really limited at this point), but the Security group apparently loved me. I went down for an interview on my vacation in August and got an offer on my birthday. :-)

RIM has a… protracted hiring process, so I've had to keep things under wraps since mid-August, which has been driving us insane and frustrating the folks I'm going to be working for. Everything is finally in place though, and we've got the house up for sale.

The next couple of weeks/months should be fairly crazy, but I'm very excited about the new job. I'm switching careers finally, moving back to a great city with some great friends in it, and making my family happier and more relaxed in the process.

And because I know you've been waiting for it: I've never been so excited about a position as I am about my RIM job.

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